Stress release
for body, mind
and soul

Our practitioners are trained to provide nurturing touch and soothing sensations with massage therapy treatments, and energy healing sessions. 

Let us take care of you while you let go of pain, stress and anxious feelings.

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Intuitive and innovative Massage Therapy in Pensacola

Find treatments and sessions that will change your day - and can change your life.

We know massage therapy is available everywhere. That there are options out there for spa treatments, luxury services, muscle relaxation, and sports massage. 

We offer something different. In a safe and soul-nurturing environment, Empathic Practice has professionals that will take your treatment to the next level. 

Massage therapy here is a tool in body work, that can help you feel more relaxed and aligned. Leave the room in a better position and ready to move through your week. Paired with mindset and energy shifts, you can experience a new type of balance and focus that will alleviate stress of all levels of being.

What is available to you:

✔ Reiki
✔ Energy healing
✔ Craniosacral Therapy
✔ Meridian Massage
✔ Private Yoga and Stretch

✔ Facial treatments
✔ Myofasical Release
✔ Hot Stones
✔ Therapeutic Massage
✔ CBD Spot Focus Massage

Schedule Your Massage Therapy Today!

For 60 Or 90-Minute Massages, we offer the most affordable pricing in Pensacola.

For questions, before setting your appointment, please call us at +1 (850) 777-3334 for a free consultation.

Massage Therapists who cares in many ways

Mo Root

Mo Root

LMT and Esthetician

Licensed Massage Therapist practicing in Pensacola and Orange Beach, Mo is know for her soothing presence, wisdom beyond her years, and for treating people heart to heart. 

Yoga instructor and also Esthetician, her work brings breath and alignment with nature in an innovative approach that includes facial treatments with seasonal flowers and fruits.



Ben Driskell

Ben Driskell

LMT and Energy Healer

Massage came as a natural choice to Ben as it offers him the opportunity to assist you to heal physical issues, and embrace a more holistic and mindful way of living.

Ben brings a different aspect of masculinity to the table. A tender and strong touch that with intention and purpose helps you align all layers of your being.


Signature massages that will shift your mood

Care, intention, love, and touch in a mindful way.

Either to find relief from pain, manage stress, attune with your emotions or feel better with your feelings: our licensed massage therapists are ready to provide you a special treatment that will turn things around:

Less Stress
Alleviate anxiety
Pain relieve
Improve circulation
Improve hearth health

Improve Your Mood
Enhance Well-being
Enhance Awareness
Improve Your Sleep
Reduce fatigue

Feel better at Empathic Practice
CBD Massage Oil

CBD topical treatment that works

Complement your experience with deeper relief and stronger release

All massage treatments at Empathic Practice includes one spot-focus CBD treatment with Reign Together CBD Oil.

This nourishing CBD massage oil is formulated with a broad-spectrum CBD oil (THC free) to provide a deeply relaxing experience. The 100% natural formula is designed to reduce stress, relieve sore muscles, and moisturize the skin.

Key Ingredients:
• Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil
• Arnica Montana
• Jojoba Oil
• Vitamin E

Free of nuts, parabens, and gluten. Vegan. Water dispersible


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