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Celebrate Wellness this Spring with Empathic Practice

Empathic Practice empowers patients with a range of wellness solutions. Focusing on individuals’ mind, body and soul, Empathic Practice offers meditation and mindfulness coaching, massage therapy,

Felipe Munoz

Your journey to hAPPiness

For individuals interested in beginning a meditation regimen, both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store are a great place to start! But pull up

Felipe Munoz

4 Meditation-Friendly Gulf Coast Escapes

There are many benefits to meditating in the great outdoors. By grounding yourself outside, you can use nature’s sights, smells and sounds as tools to enhance

William Hass MD

Why I Recommend Medical Marijuana

When you come to Empathic Practice, we may recommend that you be registered for a Florida Medical Marijuana card if you meet certain terms and conditions.

Medical Marijuana
Felipe Munoz

Open House Empathic Practice

Whoa. What is going on there? That’s likely the reaction of anyone who passed Empathic Practice on Cervantes on Saturday, January 26 after the sun went