Holistic, alternative, complementary
medicine and coaching

Wellness and well-being focused on your lifestyle. 

Focused on mindset changes, we deliver practices that give you options: from meditation to medical marijuana. Empower your personal growth. Find your path with us.

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Who is behind Empathic Practice?

Nearly 40 years of medical expertise and alternative health practices to help you achieve optimal mental and physical health and wellbeing.

The brain-child of an anesthesiologist and a creative director, Empathic Practice merges generations in a family-owned Leading Provider of Holistic Medicine in the Pensacola, FL area.

Empathic Practice was created because we believe you need options. You deserve care that is focused on listening to you and empowering  your control over your health. 

Our team combines experience in medical practice, alternative holistic health, functional Ayurveda, meditation, mindfulness, mental health and wellness. We want to help you developing soft skills for the hard times of life: developing creative thinking, connecting with your body, mind and soul.

A unique approach focuses on individualized treatment plans that can help you live in optimal health and well-being. 

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“You will feel like family here. Felipe and his team at Empathic Practice are leading the community in true humility and compassion. This is definitely the place to go if you want investment, personalized tools, and a more mindful path to establishing your well-being.”
Lena Ibrahim
Lena Ibrahim
“Empathic Practice was very caring knowledgeable and helpful in assisting me in getting a healthy life balance. The staff is so nice and welcoming as well.”
Nancy Douglas
Nancy Douglas
“Our team attended a guided meditaion session with Felipe Gouvea Muñoz. The session was very helpful for everyone. Felipe is an excellent teacher and helped us be present, let go of stress and just be in the moment. It was so worthwhile and will help us to be function more effectively. I highly recommend trying it out.”
Rachael Gillette
Rachael Gillette
“The love and energy from the group at Empathic Practice transcends time and space to feed my soul from afar.”
Tiffinni Adams
Tiffinni Adams
“Empathic Practice is a sanctuary of wellness. Keep an eye out as their menu of healing modalities is ever evolving. I can’t recommend this place enough! 👍🏼 Thankful for having a place like this in our community! ”
John Hazim
John Hazim

Empathic Practice

Do you ever feel like your life is chaotic and you’re being pulled in all directions with no control?
That can be a scary feeling.

We’re here to arm you with information, tools and support that will empower you to take control of your life.
This is your life, you deserve to live it to the fullest.

Felipe Munoz

Felipe Muñoz

Transformational Mindset Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

More about Felipe

William Hass, MD

Board Certified Medical Marijuana Doctor and Medical Director

More about Bill

Anna Katherine

Customer Relationships and Patient Experience Support

Tamara Powell

Tamara Powell

Licensed Mental Health Counselor,
Sacred Psychology Coach and Author

More about Tamara

Cassandra Curbelo

Cassandra Curbelo, MD

Functional Ayurveda Specialist and
Women’s Health Educator

More about Cassandra

Ben Driskell

Ben Driskell, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist
and Energy Healer

More about Ben

Ericka Sam

Ericka Sam

Licensed Clinical
Social Worker

More about Ericka

Mo Root

Mo Root, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist
and Licensed Facial Specialist

Zulma Berenice

Zulma Berenice

Holistic Life Coach
and BioMagnetism Practitioner

More about Zulma